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40 Funniest 2013 Movie Scenes

Red 2 - Relationship advice

The Funny Scene: Badass-assin Victoria (Helen Mirren) has been contracted by Mi6 to wipe out Frank (Bruce Willis.) Seeing as they’re buddies she extends him the courtesy of a heads-up phone call and winds up dishing out some relationship advice.

While dissolving a dead body in a bath of acid. Wearing fancy gloves. As you were, Mirren.

Most Quotable Line: “Just rent Dirty Dancing and tell her that you love her.”

21 & Over - Robocop

The Funny Scene: Thoroughly soused on his 21st birthday, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) is left in the care of two stoners who proceed to glue a teddy bear to his crotch, kit him out with a pink bra and scribble “Douchba” on his forehead.

After sprinting across several car roofs his fun run grinds to a halt as the police pull up beside him and ask him to “get down, sir, get down.” He responds by doing the robot dance. In the aforementioned getup.

The second officer nabs the punchline as his superior asks a baffled “What’s he doing?” - “Well, technically sir, he’s doing what you asked him to.”

Most Quotable Line: “Oh shit look! It’s the big bad po po!”

The Kings Of Summer - Frank and the delivery guy

The Funny Scene: Frank Toy (Nick Offerman) is the kinda customer you truly hope won’t open the door when you’re delivering his chicken tikka.

His caustic door-answering tactics stack up throughout the film, from insulting police officers aiding an investigation into his missing son’s whereabouts (“Get the fuck off my porch or I’ll knock your dick in the dirt”) and culminating in dealing with the Chinese delivery guy.

Handling the arrival of a takeaway without an ounce of gratitude, he opts to dive into a debate with the poor blighter about his terrible day before launching into a tirade about the inappropriate size of wontons.

Most Quotable Line: “You ever have one of those days where you feel like someone is pissing in your face all day long?”

Behind The Candelabra - Plastic surgery

The Funny Scene: Any scene in Behind The Candelabra featuring Rob Lowe’s Dr. Jack Starz could tickle the ribs of even the most sombre. When his client Liberace (Michael Douglas) brings forth a younger portrait of himself asking for Starz to turn his lover (Matt Damon) into him, how does the doc respond?

After delivering the necessary surgical details, it’s his silent actions that bring tears of laughter, with a delicate sup of his drink made all the more hysterical by his Botox-restricted face and hair so lacquered no wind could ruffle it.

Most Quotable Line: “He’s gonna need a nose job.”

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Urine Pain

The Funny Scene: For a comedy largely devoid of laughs, the one standout moment comes courtesy of Jim Carrey’s buff grungehead street magician, Steve Gray.

Challenging himself to hold his urine for 12 days, this cutaway segment splices hyperbolic news footage as he scales gates, clutches at his bursting bladder and laconically answers a reporter’s question:

“What is going through your mind right now?”
“I really have to pee, Richard.”

Most Quotable Line: “He should be dead right now. He’s got more urine than blood!”

Star Trek Into Darkness - Vengeance

The Funny Scene: In a dastardly attempt to bring Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) aboard the Vengeance, Scotty (Simon Pegg) enters the ship’s airlock only to find the controls at the far, far end of the passage.

The scene splits its chortles between his seemingly never-ending run down the corridor and Kirk and Khan’s imminent arrival into the airlock. Spock’s rather earnest commentary with Kirk over the radio offering up a slice of their typical deadpan banter.

Most Quotable Line: "Spock, If I get back we really need to talk about your bedside manner."

Bad Grandpa - Little Mister Pageant

The Funny Scene: Eighty-six year-old Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville), and his 8-year old grandson Billy spot a children’s beauty pageant flyer while on a road trip.

Dollied up as a sailor girl, Billy briefly plays the part before ripping off his costume to reveal slutty women’s lingerie. Sashaying across the stage to Cherry Pie, Irving tops off the horrified looks on the audience’s faces by skimming dollar bills at his grandson.

Most Quotable Line: “You’re a pretty little girl. Got it?”

Robot And Frank - Cereal killer

The Funny Scene: Frank Langella’s entire performance as Frank, a retired thief, hinges its humour on his deadpan delivery.

His trademark acerbic wit battles it out with his new robot helper over their first breakfast together. Robot’s chipper suggestions for a healthier morning meal are met head-on with curmudgeonly comebacks until Frank gives up, ending their trade off with a killer one-liner as he fumbles around the cupboards for cereal.

Most Quotable Line: (A disgruntled Frank) “Fuck this shit.”

Identity Thief - Diana and Chucks Rodeo

The Funny Scene: As if stealing Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman)’s entire life wasn’t enough, identity thief Diana (Melissa McCarthy) forces him to endure her rampant bedroom athletics with bar bear Chuck ( Modern Family ’s camp-turned-redneck Eric Stonestreet) while he’s locked in their motel bathroom.

From gagging Chuck with his belt, to ignoring his safeword pleas (“Foxhole! Foxhole!”) McCarthy once again steals the scene, with a line of genius improv.

Most Quotable Line: “Break my hip! Break my fuckin’ hip!”

The Heat - Drunky Dancing

The Funny Scene: Letting off a geyser of steam after a tough day pursuing criminals, Detective Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) and FBI Special Agent Ashland (Sandra Bullock) proceed to drink the entire bar.

Cue drunken garbled singing, clothes being torn off, nuts scattered liberally over fellow patrons...

Most Quotable Line: “You’re covered in nuts... nuts!”

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