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40 Funniest 2013 Movie Scenes

Pain And Gain - Vic's banged up

The Funny Scene: Easy-mark businessman Victor Kershaw (Tony Shalhoub) wakes in the hospital after being set on fire, strapped in a car set to crash, and being run over twice.

Desperate for the police to help him, unfortunately they can’t get their heads around his incredulous tale of kidnapping at the hands of “evil ninja weightlifters.”

Instead, the officers pick up on his Colombian heritage and harangue him about drug connections, humiliate him with planted evidence (“one very large burnt black dildo, and baseball-sized anal beads”), to suggest he was in-fact drinking and therefore responsible for his terrifying ordeal.

Most Quotable Line: “I was tasered by ninjas!”

Bernie - Chewin' the fat

The Funny Scene: Jack Black’s kind-hearted funeral director, Bernie, takes widow friend Marge (Shirley MacLaine) out for lunch at their favourite Mexican spot.

MacLaine, hatefully munching each bite of her refried beans, tears Bernie a new one. By refusing to chew any mouthful less than 30 times, or even acknowledge him verbally she dishes out a look of scorn that only fuels his indignation.

Black’s incessant need to fill the silence with commentary on the ethics of chewing hammers it home.

Most Quotable Line: "It doesn't really make sense. It's unnecessary additional work for your jaws. Think of your poor TMJ muscle -- it couldn't be good for it.”

Insidious: Chapter 2 - Codeword

The Funny Scene: Along with their streak of corporeal bad luck, the Lambert family once more rope in the investigatory prowess of Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) to aid in their haunted dilemma.

As spirit medium Carl looks on, the two bicker over the chosen phrase for their codeword. Tucker’s insistence that it’s quesadilla, which he believes easy to wedge into everyday chatter, is interrupted by Specs whose sweaty-palmed nerd thought his suggestion is far easier to implement.

Most Quotable Line: “No, the codeword is unicorn!”

R.I.P.D. - Gentlemen prefer blondes

The Funny Scene: Dead U.S. Marshal Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges) inhabits the body of a blonde bombshell while carrying out his duties for the R.I.P.D on Earth.

During a routine stakeout, his hottie alterna-body attracts the attention of a randy music video director.

One of the film’s best set-ups ripe for repeated usage is the fact that here, Jeff Bridges is a jaw-dropping beauty. His feminist rant spoken with a gruff southern drawl from the moustached lips of an undead law enforcer is an absolute winner.

Most Quotable Line: (Jeff Bridges in hot blonde’s bod) “I am a woman. Respect me or I will castrate you like a three year steer.”

Drinking Buddies - Liquid lunch

The Funny Scene: Much like the rest of the flick, this is less of a bust-a-gut laughing situation but more of a sly chuckle in recognition at the true-to-life repartee spurred from real friendship.

Chicago brewery buds Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke (Jake Johnson) shoot the breeze over their lunch break while sipping at beer and generally goofing off. Wilde steals the scene with a handful of amusing off-the-cuff verbal jabs, indeed, as she does throughout the entire movie.

Most Quotable Line: “Greek salad? Eww...I’d rather not get scurvy.”

You're Next - Hipster bashing

The Funny Scene: You’re Next is brutal. But before all those jugulars get sliced, the real bashing starts as the Davison family sit down for an anniversary dinner.

Drake (Joe Swanberg) and his wife Kelly (Margaret Laney) lay into sister Aimee (Amy Seimetz)’s indie filmmaker boyfriend, Rafiq (Ti West.)

Voices thick with undetected sarcasm, they volley back and forth, taking jabs at him about his documentary being shown at an underground film festival. The two chime out their round of punches by offering him some advice: commercials are really where it’s at.

Of course, the biggest in-joke here is that most of the scene’s talking heads (Joe Swanberg, Ti West, Amy Seimetz) are not only real-life pals, but indie filmmakers themselves.

Most Quotable Line: “What, they show the films underground?”

I Give It A Year - Worst mans speech

The Funny Scene: Desperate to be the wittiest berk at the ball but instead coming off like a lecherous P.E. teacher, Dan makes a best man’s speech destined to bring out the face palm in everyone.

He offends the bride (“I think we’d all agree, she could be a model. If it wasn’t for her nose”), the groom and two very underage bridesmaids.

Most Quotable Line: (About the bridesmaids) “Keep ‘em away from Pedo Rog! Although to be honest, he’s come a long way.”

We're The Millers - Campfire Pictionary

The Funny Scene: Posing as fake family, The Millers, in order to smuggle a megaton of pot into the US, four miscreants befriend another RV-trippin’ fam on the road.

Sat around the campfire playing Pictionary with the apple-pie Fitzgeralds, stripper-turned-Mom Rose (Jennifer Aniston) struggles to guess her son’s attempt at drawing a skateboard, until she arrives at the only logical answer (see below.)

Most Quotable Line: “Black cock down!”

The Way, Way Back - Hello neighbour!

The Funny Scene: Barely out of the car for his summer vay-cay, Duncan (Liam James) and his family are accosted by neighbour, Betty (Allison Janney.)

More of a whirlwind montage catch-up than the standard round of polite hellos, Janney’s overfamiliar diatribe updates Trent (Steve Carell) and Pam (Toni Collette) as they unload their gear, never missing a beat. Perhaps ‘cause she’s a bit half-cut.

Most Quotable Line: “Oh and Bob, that’s my ex-husband, finally came out of the closet. Not a shock. Let’s just say in bed his favourite view was the back of my head.”

The Internship - Widowmaker

The Funny Scene: The only thing worse than joining a team of much, much younger interns for out-of-work watch salesman Nick (Owen Wilson), is taking a mattress warehouse job with his sister’s schmuck boyfriend Kevin (Will Ferrell.)

Kevin first threatens Nick with sign-spinning duties out on the kerb; “I’ve lost three of those guys to skin cancer, we call that kerb the ‘widowmaker’” before spying a curvaceous customer bending over a bed, prompting a deluge of not-so-subtle sexual innuendo.

Most Quotable Line: “Knock knock, backdoor. It’s me. With my penis.”

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