4 moments from the new Tomb Raider trailer ripped straight from the game

A new trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider movie (which is a reboot of the film franchise based on a reboot of the video games, so like... double the reboot-ness) has landed. Say what you want, but at least this video game film is sticking close to the source material. Maybe even a little too close. Watch the trailer once more and see how many moments you can spot that look like they were lifted straight off Crystal Dynamics' 2013 game. Here's the ones we found:

At about 31 seconds in, we see Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, leaping impossibly far off her rapidly sinking ship. It's almost the same leap we saw her make way back at E3 2011, when Square Enix gave us our first look at the game.

A minute later, we see Lara fall into a river and catch herself on the wing of a crashed plane. This seems to be a combination of an early part in the game where you first learn climbing controls by using a crashed WW2 plane to cross a chasm, and a later section where Lara gets carried downstream by a river's strong current. You know, the bit with the horrific and gruesome death by impalement.

Speaking of the scene where Lara gets swept away, that bit of the game ends when Lara gets dumped into a different crashed plane (yes, there are a lot of those on this island) and grabs a parachute right as the glass underneath her gives way. Sure looks like what's happening here at around two minutes into the movie trailer.

Last but not least, this may not be an exact copy of a moment from the game, but that is a video game-ass leap. The Tomb Raider movie arrives in theaters March 16. 

Sam Prell

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