4 GB Xbox 360 Slim doesn't support Halo: Reach co-op

The only thing better than wading through the corpses of downed Covenant troops is doing it with a friend, but that's not possible for those who purchased the 4 GB Xbox 360 Slim.No, seriously, according toreportsfrom Kotaku,the $199 360 Slim may be attractively priced, but it doesn'tsupport Halo: Reach co-op.

The problem is that the Slim uses a %26lsquo;Memory unit%26rsquo; rather than an HDD. While a hard drive is not listed specifically in the system requirements, a caveat of %26ldquo;features and requirements may change without notice%26rdquo; effectively ensures that Microsoft is covered.

Above: You skinny son-of-a-bitch!

Those trying to get a jump on the problem should note that adding flash drives won%26rsquo;t help. Only an Xbox 360 certified hard drive willmake co-op play possible, meaning that the only options we%26rsquo;re aware of is nabbing an Xbox 360 slim hard disk (average retail of $129.99 at Gamestop), or biting the bullet and purchasing a 250 GB Slim (retails at about $300).

Above: Get a hard drive, soldier!

Do you have a4 GB slim? If so,limber up those typing fingers, give that Caps Lock key a little tap, and tell us your sorrows.

[Source: Kotaku]

Sep 15, 2010

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