360 HD a must for Ninety-Nine Nights

Tuesday 27 June 2006
Epic fantasy action game Ninety-Nine Nights - due over here in September - will need the 360 hard drive to run the game, according Microsoft's own game information.

The forthcoming hack 'n' slash combat game requires the hard drive, presumably to cope with masses of on-screen activity and the frantic battlefield action that is featured.

This comes as something of a surprise as Microsoft was adamant that gamers buying the HD-less Core Pack for £209 wouldn't miss out on any of the games, with the only disadvantage being that Core Pack owners would not being able to download content from Xbox Live Marketplace. But games such as Ninety-Nine Nights and the data-heavy Football Manager 2006 - which also requires the HD - have proved this is not the case.

Above: Looks like only those with the Premium Pack will be enjoying action like this