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31-year-old Star Raiders is getting an Xbox 360, PS3 facelift

Atari is digging into its archives to bring out a completely re-imagined version of the 1979 classic Star Raiders.

Star Raiders brought a lot of neat ideas to the table when it was introduced to the nascent video game community. It presented space combat from a first-person perspective, it had a quasi-3D visual presentation, and it brought out an impressive graphics package. In the 1970s, the gaming market was dominated by strictly text-based adventures.

Above: One of these is the 1979 Star Raiders and one is the 2011 remake. Guess which is which

But perhaps the coolest part about Star Raiders was that its main villains were called Zylons. Battlestar Galactica and its army of "Cylons" debuted on TV one year earlier, in 1978... cough cough...

Atari says the new Star Raiders will still have the same basic components of the old-school hit: exploring different worlds, chartingcourses on a map, and engaging in frenetic spaceship shooting.

Beyond that,the gamewill alsoinclude afully fleshed out storyline, cutscenes, state-of-the-art graphics, and the ability to customize your spacecraft. It's also going to be playable onlinein both multiplayer battles and cooperative campaigns.

The new Star Raiders will apparently be episodic, so the story and experience will expand through DLC after the initial game is released. Still no word on when that'll be, though. The game is in development for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

[Source:GameSpot ]

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