25 obscure musician movie cameos

Maynard James Keenan - Crank 2: High Voltage (2009)

The Musician: Singer for prog-rock metallers Tool and A Perfect Circle.

The Cameo: Keenan plays a dog walker whose animal wears an electric collar. In one of the sequels funniest sequences, Chev (Jason Statham) dons said collar and asks the bespectacled rocker to shock him.

Geekiest Fact: Keenans songs have appeared across a dozen different movie soundtracks, often in the horror or sci-fi genre.

The Offspring - Idle Hands (1999)

The Musician: Popular 90s pop punk rockers, The Offspring.

The Cameo: Winding down their performance at the high school dance, lead singer Dexter Holland is scalped by the evil severed hand.

Geekiest Fact: The Offsprings contribution to the soundtrack includes the song 'Beheaded'. Chortle, chortle.

Bo Diddley - Trading Places (1983)

The Musician: Legendary R&B guitarist, singer and all-around musical pioneer who also dabbled in rock, blues and jazz.

The Cameo: He pops up as a Philadelphia pawn broker targeted by Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd), whom he believes is attempting to sell him a stolen watch.

Geekiest Fact: The scene ends with Diddley selling Winthorpe a pistol, a neat twist considering the man released an album entitled 'Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger'.

Ozzy Osbourne - Trick Or Treat (1986)

The Musician: Frontman singer of British metal legends Black Sabbath.

The Cameo: Ozzy is barely recognisable as a straight-laced televangelist, rallying against the evil depravity found in rock music and the terrible influence it has on young, impressionable minds.

Geekiest Fact: At the time of filming, in real life Ozzy was targeted by similar groups for his own albums apparent satanic connections.

Chris Cornell - Singles (1992)

The Musician: The lead singer and guitarist for seminal Seattle rockers Soundgarden.

The Cameo: Cliff (Matt Dillon) tries to impress Janet (Bridget Fonda) by installing her a new car stereo and blasting it at full volume, attracting the neighbours... including a beautifully-coiffed Cornell.

Geekiest Fact: Later, the film cuts to a live performance by Soundgarden with Cornell letting rip on their underrated b-side stomper, 'Birth Ritual'.

Dave Pirner - Reality Bites (1994)

The Musician: The lead singer of 90s alt-rockers, Soul Asylum.

The Cameo: He appears in the background as Vickies (Janeane Garofalo) bumbling daily conquest as shes filmed by Lelaina (Winona Ryder) for her documentary.

Geekiest Fact: At the time of filming, he was dating Reality Bites lead, Winona Ryder.

Tom Waits - Mystery Men (1999)

The Musician: Experimental singer-songwriter, Waits is infamous for his husky voice and jazz-blues-rock mash-up style.

The Cameo: The mystery men seek out Dr. Heller (Waits) an eccentric weapons developer with a penchant for livestock and... weapons classified as non-lethal.

Geekiest Fact: According to the Internet Movie Database, Waits has 32 acting credits to his name.

Lemmy - Airheads (1994)

The Musician: The mutton chop-wearing lead singer and bassist for 80s metal stalwarts, Motorhead.

The Cameo: As the crowd outside the radio station shout out embarrassingly nerdy exploits from their pasts, Lemmy pops up briefly and yells I was editor of the school magazine!

Geekiest Fact: His one line is actually true: Lemmy really did edit his school magazine.

Snoop Dogg - Half-Baked (1998)

The Musician: Rapper, singer, songwriter, Snoop Dogg was one of the original West Coast hip hop artists to emerge in the early 90s.

The Cameo: In his 60-second role, Snoop Dogg appears as if from nowhere as an example of a Scavenger Smoker (a person who only ever partakes in another mans weed).

Geekiest Fact: The perfect execution of the long toke could be attributed to his personal possession of a medical marijuana license. And the fact hes built an entire image around his heavy smoking habits.

Alice Cooper - Prince of Darkness (1987)

The Musician: Singer for hair metal schlockers, Alice Cooper, the man has nary left one corner of the rock genre unturned.

The Cameo: A homeless street bum, Coopers character indulges in a brief, bloody murder to the strains of one of his own songs...

Geekiest Fact: The hideous impaling device Cooper uses was lifted directly from one of his own live show extravaganzas.

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