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There's a strange and giddy thrill that accompanies spotting a famous person outside of the environment for which they're known. "Hey, what's Jerry Seinfeld doing off stage?" / "Is that Joe Pesci buying underwear?" / "and what's Christian Slater doing knee deep in my septic tank?". The same is also true of cameo roles; those amusing walk-on bits that see celebrities of all ilks cross paths with some of the cinema's vast array of fictional creations.

Given the ongoing love affair between film and music industries it should come as no surprise that musicians make up the bulk of these unexpected appearances. Some have dreams of truly 'crossing over', while others are just in it for the giggles (and the buckets full of cash). In either case, these cameos usually end up being a whole lot of fun, case in point

Puppy - The Doom Generation (1995)

The Musician: Cult Canadian electro-industrial rockers, Skinny Puppy.

The Cameo: While Amy (Rose McGowan) and Jordan (James Duval) are making out in their car, Skinny Puppy arrive unexpectedly playing a gang of thugs who throw a man across the hood of their car and proceed to beat him up.

Geekiest Fact: Nivek Ogre, the bands singer shouts Wake up, time to die! at Xavier Red, the man hes assaulting - a direct reference to the same line uttered by Leon Kowalski in Blade Runner.

Tom Jones - Mars Attacks! (1996)

The Musician: The Welsh crooning heartthrob your nan adores, Mr. Tom Jones.

The Cameo: In a playful send-up of his showbiz persona, Jones belts out :Its Not Unusual" to a half-full Vegas club as the entire world succumbs to the perils of the Martian invaders. Turns out hes quite the hero.

Geekiest Fact: Danny Devitos scrappy gambler tries to codge an autograph from Jones by incorrectly referencing his most famous song. "Aint It Unusual" doesn't quite cut it, though... Jones gives him the cold shoulder.

Phil Collins - Hook (1992)

The Musician: Pop singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer... Collins has done it all. Hes renowned for his time as Genesis vocalist and drummer.

The Cameo: He briefly appears as a Detective Inspector Good, trying to solve the disappearance of Peters three children.

Geekiest Fact: His role in Hook is one of only three big-screen appearances for Collins.

Nancy Wilson - Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

The Musician: A singer songwriter known for being one of the core members of all-girl rock group, Heart.

The Cameo: An unnamed blonde, Wilson giggles at Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold) as he pulls up at a stop light in his unfortunate fast food employees uniform.

Geekiest Fact: Wilson would later go on to marry Fast Times screenwriter Cameron Crowe, and collaborate with him on future movie soundtracks.

The Musician: Californian pop punk trio, Blink 182.

The Cameo: During the films first climatic... err, climax, as Jim (Jason Biggs)s first sexual encounter with Nadia is unknowingly broadcast on the internet, the scene cuts to Blink 182 gathered around a computer watching the events unfold.

Geekiest Fact: The song playing in the background of the scene is the bands tune, 'Mutt'.

Jack White - Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)

The Musician: The co-founder and singer for The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, Whites collaborations with countless artists across a variety of genres.

The Cameo: With Coxs (John C. Reilly) career expanding, his live shows span the breadth of the country, sharing bills with a slew of musical greats. So its no surprise that White makes an appearance as a parodied version of rock-n-roll legend, Elvis Presley.

Geekiest Fact: Of his eleven film appearances, his role in Walk Hard is only the second where he plays someone other than himself.

Alex Van Halen - Robocop (1987)

The Musician: Drummer from 80s glam rockers, Van Halen.

The Cameo: The briefest of appearances, he crops up as Keva Rosenberg, an unemployed person on the street interviewed by a TV news crew documenting the decaying state of Detroit.

Geekiest Fact: His one line of dialogue was sampled by British rock band, Terrorvision in their song 'American TV'.

Chester Bennington - Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)

The Musician: Crooning vocalist for nu-metal band Linkin Park, rock supergroup Dead By Sunrise and current frontman for 90s grunge act, Stone Temple Pilots.

The Cameo: A victim of Jigsaw, its safe to say, Evan isnt a model citizen. A racist skinhead, he wakes superglued to a car seat. To save his buddies also trapped inside the car, he has to tear his skin free... yeah, he doesnt make it.

Geekiest Fact: In a spin on his characters fate, Dead By Sunrise contributed the song 'Condemned' to the official soundtrack.

Anthony Kiedis - Point Break (1991)

The Musician: Singer of the award-winning funk-rock-pop quartet, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Cameo: A Malibu surfer rat called Tone. Along with his buddy Warchild, he taunts Johnny (Keanu Reeves) with a hazing ritual... until Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) turns up and a brawl breaks out on the beach.

Geekiest Fact: In real-life Kiedis is an avid surfer.

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