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24 movie will start shooting in December or next January


The 24 movie hit a bit of a snag late last year when news came that Billy Ray’s script had been rejected by the studio.

But star Kiefer Sutherland remains confident that he’ll be shrugging into the shirt of Jack Bauer again in the very near future, telling TV show Extra : “We don’t start shooting for about eight months.”

Adding that the script is currently being rewritten, the actor joked: “And I think it will up until the day we start shooting, and probably from that point forward, too.

“It’s a very difficult thing to take something that you’ve done for eight years, almost 200 episodes, and try and find a story that’s going to be unique and yet service the history of the show as well.

“That is to be expected. So we start shooting hopefully by next December or January.”

Check out his interview below...