21 trumps the US box office

Three films tried to knock 21 from its Vegas odd-hustling spot at the top of the US box office this weekend, but even the combined power of George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler couldn’t top the betting drama. It swept to victory for a second week, adding $15 million to its $46 million total.

Clooney’s Leatherheads, meanwhile, touched down in second place, earning $13.5 million for its first weekend. That put it just ahead of the new Fox Walden fantasy kids’ adventure, Nim’s Island. The kiddie pic made $13.3 million, offering up Jodie Foster and Gerard butler, with Abigail Breslin for a little girl power. Their arrival meant Horton Hears A Who slipped slightly, dropping to fourth with $9.1 million.

Horror flick The Ruins arrived at fifth, nabbing $7.8 million, while Superhero Movie dropped from third to sixth place. Also slipping down the charts was Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns, which has now made $37.7 million. Drillbit Taylor landed at eighth place, down from fifth, adding $3.5 million to its lacklustre $25.5 million running total.

At the bottom of the charts, Shutter lingered with $2.8 million, while 10,000 BC prepared to leave the top 10 with $893 million so far.