2022's best JRPG gets even better next week

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
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The best JRPG of 2022 is about to get even better next week, because Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is receiving a new original story DLC.

Earlier today on April 19, Nintendo made the surprise announcement that Wave 4 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's DLC instalments would be arriving just next week on April 26. Called 'Future Redeemed,' this original storyline takes place before the main events Xenoblade Chronicles 3 itself, and you can check out the full reveal trailer just below.

It looks like this new DLC is going to feature several brand new Xenoblade characters, as well as returning cast members from across the series. We can see Xenoblade Chronicles' Shulk, Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Rex, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3's villainous N in the trailer just above, to name just a few familiar faces. 

The official Nintendo website reveals this DLC chapter will tie the storylines of all three Xenoblade Chronicles games together, which isn't the first time a Xenoblade Chronicles DLC has pulled together threads from other games in the series. Future Redeemed will also feature a brand new combat mechanic: Unity Combo, which allows two characters two attack together in unison.

This all sounds absolutely fantastic, and a fitting farewell to the Xenoblade Chronicles trilogy, if this is how things are to end for Nintendo's ace JRPG trilogy. Keep in mind you'll have to purchase the full Expansion Pass to get access to the new DLC, as Future Redeemed isn't available for standalone purchase.

Last year in August, Xenoblade Chronicles 3's senior director hinted the future of the franchise might be unveiled in this DLC. Additionally, the director also said the third entry in the franchise marked a "stopping point" for the series, but that doesn't mean the entire franchise is going to end forever.

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