2008 targeted for first fruits of Sony-NCSoft team-up

Sept 12, 2007

MMO heavyweight NCSoft is aiming to let us sink our teeth into the first fruits of its collaboration with Sony toward the end of 2008.

Reported onNext Gen, the company still has yet to announce what its first game will be however since the deal struck between Sony and NCSoft to produce games for PlayStation platforms was announced at this year's E3.

But we do know that NCSoft plans to create games based on both existing and new intellectual properties - and games based on existing properties won't just be ports of existing PC titles.

"We haven't announced any of the titles we might be bringing out, but whatever we bring out, the one thing I can tell you is that, even if they're some intellectual property we already have, they'll be things that'll be very carefully created for the console experience, not merely a straight port," NCSoft executive producer Richard Garriott.

NCsoft North America CEO Robert Garriott has added it will take the company at least two or three years to bring a brand new, original IP to the console.

Courtesy of CVG.