2007 Heaven - PS3 Day one

Assassin's Creed - Ubisoft Montreal - PS3 - ETA 2007

Mix equal parts Hitman, Prince Of Persia and Grand Theft Auto and you'll have a good idea of what's coming from this historical slash-'em-up. Set in Jerusalem during the Crusades (at least in the parts of the game so far revealed) it follows Altair, a medieval contract killer. It features huge, bustling cities through which you can hurtle like a twelfth-century Free Runner to reach your target.

However, it's the busy crowds below that are crucial to a successful hit. 'Social Stealth' enables you to blend in with the people around you, using the bustle of the street as cover. You might avoid an enemy's gaze by pretending to talk to a stranger or bow your head among priests to pass as a holy man. Move through the throng unseen and you can get close enough to deliver a fatal blow using a spring-loaded blade hidden on your arm.

GamesRadar thinks:

One of the most next-gen games we've seen. It looks stunning in motion, and the innovative take on stealth should deliver big-time.