2007 Heaven - PS3 Day one

Yeah, we know: you dropped unholy coin on a new PS3, but you can only play so much Resistance before you start lusting over your buddy's 360 or Wii. Be patient, grasshopper - 2007 will make your purchase worthwile. Here's proof:

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Kojima Productions - PS3 - ETA 2007

The latest chapter in the series is a dizzying mess of questions and expectations. The OctoCam camouflage suit - enabling players to blend in with the colour and texture of the background - is destined to be one of the best gaming gadgets of 2007. At the same time, the recent appearance of a mysterious "young" Snake is a massive "WTF?" to a plot that is supposedly centred on the wrinkly, mustachioed codger that you see here. Even more baffling are the enemy mechs mooing like cows and peeing everywhere after battle.

With series creator, Hideo Kojima promising that the player must choose their enemies and allies in a constantly shifting battlefield, it also sounds like the series might have entered a sandbox territory familiar to those who've played Mercenaries. And then there's the return of Raiden. The loathed hero of MGS2, back as a kick-ass cyber-ninja with a goth makeover. Has Kojima lost it? We've an unbearable wait until at least autumn to find out.

GamesRadar thinks:

Significant changes to gameplay and teasing clues suggest this could be a radical departure to the MGS we know and love. But it looks incredible, and if anyone can pull it off, Kojima can.