200 SFX Features!!!

200 articles from over 15 years of SFX – a treasure trove of lost gems to celebrate SFX issue 200

Today sees the publication of the 200th issue of SFX , and to celebrate that milestone, we have a very special feature for you here!

Hidden behind each of these 200 covers is an article, interview, review, specially-commissioned photo or specially-commissioned piece of art from that issue. So what you’re getting is a lucky dip through the history of SFX , and, indeed, the history of SF over the past 15 years. Simply click on the cover to reveal the journalistic gem inside.

Some pieces are long. Some are short. Some have been chosen for historical significance – or indeed poignancy. Some have been chosen just because they're fun. If something needs to be put in context we have given you some SFX historical notes…

(Editor’s note: as you can imagine, this has been a linking nightmare – feel free to point out any broken links, which we’ll correct as soon as possible!)