20 Most-Viewed Megan Fox YouTube Moments

These days, it would appear that you're nobody unless somebody makes YouTube mash-ups of your work, or just rambling videos about you.

Take the case of miss Megan Fox. She might only have a few films to her career thus far, but her interweb fame has exploded like a lizard in a microwave.

It figures that the frothing - primarily male, but sometimes female - netizen population would focus on her, which means plenty of entertainment for us.

As Jennifer's Body arrives in our cinemas, it's time to trawl the tubes and get a peek into the funny, strange world of Megan-obsessed videography…

Transformers 2: CGI Megan Fox Even Hotter This Time

Does It Feature Megan? Only in the sense that it creatively makes use of footage from the ROTFL trailer, specifically The Bit With The Bike And The Shorts.

She doesn't directly appear in the video, but then, as the subject matter points out, she doesn't actually exist at all.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Funny, with a side of sexiness for anyone who just can't get enough the aforementioned Bike and Shorts.

It's a spoof Making Of Piece that discusses how ILM created Fox using the same advanced CGI used to fashion Optimus Prime and co.

Bet Michael Bay would have loved it to avoid the recent outbursts…

View From The Couch - Megan Fox Vs Angelina Jolie

Does It Feature Megan?
Well, her picture appears a lot.

It's really a discussion between two Aussies on the Dave The Couch Guy channel on a magazine comparing Fox to Jolie.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Actually, it's pretty funny.

We particularly like Jolie's back tattoo getting identified as the directions to where Osama Bin Laden's hiding and Fox's Ugg boots - "the grubbiest, filthiest little creatures on God's Earth. A bacteria trap."

Next: Sex Robot & Speedpainting


Megan Fox Is A Sex Robot

Does It Feature Megan? Nope, it's one of those "crafty" comedy videos that puts the name of a starlet and "sex" in the title to lure in anyone searching for those terms.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Shane Dawson, who created it, veers between distinctly easy gags (many YouTube users are lonely losers? Insightful!) and some funny rants about technology (we enjoyed the bolshy GPS).

So it's funny, with some weirdness.

Megan Fox - Speedpainting by Nico Di Mattia

Does It Feature Megan?
Well, she's the one getting painted (no, not body painted, you perv). This is the sped-up photoshop stylings of one digital artist.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird
? It's kind of sexy, if only because the quality is great.

The colour work is superb. And it's fascinating to watch it at such a rate.

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Megan Fox's Sexy EW shoot!

Does It Feature Megan? Most certainly. It's one of those increasingly popular behind-the-scenes videos from a magazine photoshoot, where you get to see the starlet posing and also talking.

In this case, it's Entertainment Weekly, so it's a little classier than, say, Nuts.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird
? Sexy. She gets to chat about acting with robots that aren't there and how she does it.

Oh, and that acting in a Michael Bay film involves either yelling or running. She's not wrong, so she gets a "funny" too.

Megan Fox Exploited: We've Got You Covered

Does It Feature Megan ? Only because she's just one of the subjects covered by Current TV's review of magazine coverage.

We get some pics of her interviews in the likes of Rolling Stone and, er, Gorezone.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird? Funny. The show cracks wise about topics in the media and pinpoints one of the big features of most Megan mag pieces - she talks about how she's exploited, then poses "all slutty" and says provocative things she knows will be exploited.

Good call, Covered.

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Exclusive Megan Fox Video!

Does It Feature Megan?
You remember how we talked about the different levels of magazine shoot behind-the-scenes videos? Welcome to the cheesecake variation, with FHM's shoot.

Still, Megan gets to chat on about how the photo session had "great energy" and how she felt in control. Gotcha.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
A mixture of sexy (FHM often knows how to take a good picture) with weird as she yammers away about the shoot.

Megan Fox on Two And A Half Men

Does It Feature Megan?
It does. A younger, bikini clad Miss Fox breaking into TV with the Charlie Sheen sitcom.

Mostly she just has to look good. Which she can do.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird? Sexy and sometimes funny, because while the show is a staggeringly traditional US sitcom, it still manages some decent lines.

She needs to work on her delivery, though… Ah, who are we kidding? That's not what her audience is really there for.

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Interview With Megan Fox

Does It Feature Megan?
Yup. Fashion News Live goes to the LA Fashion Week and sits down with the Foxster in the front row of one of the shows.

Mostly they want to talk about Transformers (we get the sense that the interviewer suddenly feels very, very old when he reveals that he played with the toys, only to have Megan admit she was born around the time they came out).

Then it's on to a chat about her tats.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird
? Funny, because it's one of those surface level, cheesy celebri-chats between a wannabe-smooth host and a pretty bored starlet.

Megan Fox Make-Up Look No.1

Does It Feature Megan?
Not really, it's more about her.

One for the ladies as user/make-up guru Kandee Johnson explains how to make yourself up the Megan Fox way. We suspect this works better if, like miss Johnson, you look enough like the subject to pull it off.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Weird. It's 13 minutes long and never seems to end.

Next: Ranting & Rubbish Interviews


They're Going To KILL Megan Fox!

Does It Feature Megan? No. It's the rants of a young man named Matt who has a few issues with Mr Michael Bay.

Seems he kind of likes Bay's movies but doesn't take kindly to a few issues - such as Soundwave being a satellite and Jason Voorhees being a "puss" in the new Friday The 13th.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird? Sort of funny and also weird.

His delivery style is a few steps ahead of the usual 'Tube rant, but it's also still just a guy sounding off in the privacy of his home.

Megan Fox Interview Fail W/Jordan Morri

Does It Feature Megan?
Yes. It's one of those "high-larious" moments when a "comedy" journalist shows up at a junket and takes a few minutes of time to do a "wacky" interview. In this case, "The Daily Habit" sends along someone who really, really loves Megan.

And has trouble staying composed. Yawn.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Funny. It wants to be funny. It largely fails.

The actors - Fox and Jennifer's Body co-star Johnny Simmons gamely play along, but even they can see it's all been done before.

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Re: Megan Fox Is Nasty

Does It Feature Megan
? Noooooo…. This a response video to someone criticising Fox.

Mostly, it's some creepily wide-eyed Aussie named Graham referencing her, then answering questions about himself.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird? Sexy. Weird.
Weird, weird, weird and we want to stop watching now, please.

Megan Fox - Scream Awards 2009

Does It Feature Megan?
Hoh yus. It's Miss Fox picking up "Best Sci-Fi Actress" at this year's Scream Awards.

She walks up a seemingly endless set of stairs to get her awards.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Funny. Because she's ready to take on press reports that she's been bad-mouthing Transformers: ROTFL.

"I've always felt that I'm a very ordinary part of an extraordinary film…" Right. Okay.

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Megan Fox Interview for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Video Game

Does It Feature Megan? It does. She's chatting all about the new title, and is shown doing some AMAZING voice work for it.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Funny/weird. We're not 100% convinced that Fox truly sits at home playing video games and "really wanted the online option in the first one so I could call up my friend and kick his ass."

Sorry Meg, not buying it. Or the game.

Make It Rain On Megan Fox - iPhone App

Does It Feature Megan?
Well, her picture is on the phone.

It's one of those home-made, badly-shot 'Tube ads for iPhone apps, in this case one where you can "make it rain" - toss lots of cash over, for anyone who doesn't get the lingo - various lady celebs.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Sort of sexy. But mostly weird.

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BB- Megan Fox is NOT GOOD LOOKING!!!

Does It Feature Megan?
Nope, it's just some bloke countering away with his opinion about why she's actually ugly.

Word of advice, mate: look at the camera more. Reading your lines gets extremely distracting.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Wants to be funny. Mostly just ends up weird.

Megan Fox: 5 Things A Guy Must Have To Conquer Her Heart

Does It Feature Megan?
It's a red carpet interview with the woman, so that's a big yes.

Megan spills on what would make her ideal man - so listen up lads.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Weirdly funny.

A good sense of humour? Really? That's what you're opening up with, Fox? Oh, and respectful.

Plus one of them appears to be "looks like Brian Austin Green." Rubbish!

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Megan Fox Stinks Up SNL!!

Does It Feature Megan ? Snippets - mostly pictures flashed on screen or small moments of footage.

Primarily, it's the This Is What I Think Show, which is about host Andrew barraging us with his opinions.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Slightly funny. He's got a decent style, but really needs to talkalittleslowersometimessomoreofhisgagsland.

Bonus points for presentation though - it's head and shoulders above most YT ranting.

Shia %26 Megan: A Love Story

Does It Feature Megan?
Clips of her from the Transformers films feature prominently.

Yes, welcome to the world of music videos created by fans. This one could benefit from better quality footage and a less annoying song.

Funny, Sexy Or Weird?
Sexy in places, but mostly weirdly funny.

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