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The 20 most awkward on-set movie arguments to make you cringe

Werner Herzog vs. Klaus Kinski

The movie set: German film Aguirre, Wrath Of God. Set in the 16th century, it follows madman Aguirre, who goes on a quest for El Dorado.

The awkward argument: Perhaps the most famous of all on-set clashes took place between director Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski while filming 1972’s Aguirre.

Though the pair were best friends, their relationship was as temperamental as a volcano. When Kinski threatened to leave the film set, Herzog pulled a gun on him.

Kinski wasn’t an innocent victim, though – he fired three rifle shots one night during filming, aggravated at the noise the cast and crew were making while playing cards in a nearby hut.

The kiss and make up? Herzog and Kinski worked together five times, but they never left their rivalry behind. Ten years later, while making Fitzcarraldo, Herzog attempted to kill Kinski by setting fire to his house while he slept…