20 games that will shape the PS3 - Part 1

How does it compare to the E3 trailer?

Killzone 2

Contrary to what you may have heard Killzone 2 was at GDC. A trailer was shown at a pre-keynote speech press briefing that we attended. It was, said Sony boss Phil Harrison, to showcase what can be done with the PlayStation Edge developer tools, not the game. But we'll see. Due to Sony restrictions, you can't see it on the net. But it went like this...

Heavy, doom-laden classical music kicks in. An urban warzone appears. It looks like in-game action- genuine in-game action. The Helghast are in a shootout with human commandos. It looks dusty, but also quite beautiful.

The humans are losing the battle, and several dart into a nearby house. One falls - in super slow motion - as he reaches the door, showcasing how superb the character models are. His compatriots have no time to help and run inside, pursued by the Helghast. Outside, a massive tank rolls into view, thundering off blasts into alleyways. The screen darkens again. "More at E3 in July 2007," says the message. We breathe out, impressed if not blown away. Some have griped about it not looking the equal of that E3 trailer. It's true that it doesn't, but it still looks excellent to us. Killzone 2 breaks cover in July, and we'll be first with details.