17 years later, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 is getting an HD remake

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2
(Image credit: Krome Studios)

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue is getting an HD remake for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S backwards compatibility) thanks to its already successful Kickstarter.

Developer Krome Studios has managed this before: in August 2019, it successfully Kickstarted modern console ports for the original game. The Kickstarter for the sequel still has nine days left in it and it's already raised $149,804 – over $17,000 more than the first game. The studio also brought the games to Steam in 2016, so while Ty may not have defined the 3D platformer golden age, he's definitely one of the most enduring characters from the era. 

Compared to the Mario 64-style original, where players access isolated levels through central hubs, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue is both more open and slightly RPG-like. It's still a diehard 3D platformer, but as Krome puts it, "compared to TY1, TY2 is big. REALLY big." For its HD return, Krome is promising updated graphics, full achievement and trophy support, an all-new hardcore mode, as well as Joy-Con motion controls for throwing Ty's iconic boomerangs.

Thanks to the sequel's super-funded Kickstarter, Ty will also be getting three new skins alongside three new Fourbie skins. These will be available to everyone, not just Kickstarter backers. Developer diary streams are also planned, and the Kickstarter is closing in on its next stretch goal to release a digital backers-only comic. 

Based on its Kickstarter delivery date, the updated version of Ty 2 will arrive in July 2021. 

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