16 years later, baby Bonsly is finally getting a new Pokémon card

Brock stares lovingly at his new Bonsly Pokemon.
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Bonsly the tearful baby bonsai is getting an all new Pokémon card. Having held out on us sneaky-rock-type fans for sixteen years, the Pokémon Trading Card Game is finally bringing back our sweet botanical smol boi in the new Obsidian Flames set.

Bonsly's last appearance was in the Space-Time Creation set, and with their first two cards being nought but promo cards, the upcoming card will be little Bonsly's fourth card ever. That number looks pretty paltry against Pikachu's almost 200 variations. And it's not the only baby Pokémon that's been missing for a while, according to ComicBook (via IGN).

Mime JR. and Magby, haven't been spotted for twelve years. Elekid and Smoochum, also, have gone thirteen years without a single card. Mantyke with their sole 2007 card hasn't been seen for sixteen years, either.

Bonsly is one of two or more baby Pokémon expected to make an appearance in the new set.

I may be in the same boat as our Hope in that I don't even play PokémonTCG but am obsessed with certain cards. And after watching Bonsly's tearful first appearance in Pokemon Season 9, Episode 11—From Cradle to Save—I am excited to see what abilities the card will have.

Bonsly Pokemon looking shocked

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ComicBook reckons Bonsy's card will include at least one move that requires no Energy, since the preview Cleffa card also features a similar ability. Other than that it's all pretty nebulous.

The upcoming Obsidian Flames set will release on August 11, so keep an eye out for updates then. For now I'm happy to see Brock's feisty little bonsai friend making its way into the limelight again.

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