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14 Mega Man characters made to look mega adorable

Despite their evilness, the Robot Masters from Capcom's original Mega Man games always had a lovable charm about them. They're classic examples of 8-bit Japanese character design. Now point your eyes at the picture below and you'll see the Robot Masters looking even more lovable.

They're the work of a UK-based creative going by the name of infinitecontinues. According to theinfinitecontinues blog, he works as an artist at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. This particular set is called 'Mega Man - Videogame Mini-Minimalism'. And the less is more approach certainly works nicely here. My three personal favourites:

You can check out the whole collection on the'Mega Man - Videogame Mini-Minimalism' flickr page. And why not check out hisother video game minimalism work. It is also good.

Spotted on theCapcom blog.

June 8, 2010

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