12 minute Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay demo sneaks in

You can get a taste of Metal Gear Solid 5's freeform infiltration in the 12-minute gameplay video from Tokyo Game Show below. The narration and dialogue may be in Japanese, but everyone can appreciate the international language of tactical espionage action.

Don't worry too much about spoilers, either--this mission was created explicitly for demonstration purposes.

Big Boss tags enemies with his scope and picks his way through the camp at his leisure, tranquilizing fools like he's being doing since 1964. After grabbing a prisoner, he chooses a nearby extraction point. Unfortunately, it's so nearby that every conscious guard opens fire on the chopper, forcing him to ruining his "no-kill" run.

Now that you've had a good look at MGS 5, what do you think of Snake's new sneaking missions?