12 matchups we want to see in Street Fighter X Tekken

There’s a fine line between homage and plagiarism; these two have leaped over that line and firebombed the copyright offices. There are lots of nice words to describe Fei Long and Marshall Law’s origins: tribute, homage, memorial, but we’re going to settle with shameless rip off. As two guys who are indebted to Bruce Lee for, well, pretty much every aspect of their speech, appearance, and fighting styles, these two knuckle heads could fight over which one of them loves Bruce more. Then again, these two wouldn’t be the only onesguilty of aping the master.

These two aren’t the onlycharacters who bear a striking resemblance when put side by side. Consider the following list:

Attack Of The Clones

Wang vs. Gen: Rumble in the retirement home!

Ganryu vs. E. Honda: Thestrangely similarsupersized Sumo scuffle!

Dudley vs. Steve Fox: Bully British brawlers in big bad boxing bash-up!

Eddy Gordo vs. DeeJay: The battleright near the beach, boyeee!

Jinpachi vs. Gouken: Roided out Rumble in the retirement home!

Skullomania vs. Roger Jr.

Every game has its wacky characters, and SF and Tekken are certainly no exceptions. Tekken has wood men, dinosaurs, cyber ninjas, devils and bears. Oh my. Street Fighter has flaming yoga masters, goofballs in pink gis, and electric monster men. Despite the stiff competition, Tekken’s boxing kangaroo Roger Jr. takes the cake. The son of Roger, Tekken’s original boxing kangaroo, Roger Jr. is actually the joey in the adult's pouch, who mimics every move his mother makes. What could possibly make a boxing kangaroo even more bizarre? The fact that Namco seems to take him seriously enough to write a back story for him.

Roger Jr.’s story line involves finding his missing Dad, Roger Sr. who's gone missing; upon finding thatSr. has willfully abandoned his family to watch TV and be a bum, Jr. punches him through the roof and themom apparently divorces him. His Tekken 6 ending isequally bizarreas he's having a good time with Sr. until themom storms in with evidence Roger has been to the local kangaroo strip club.

Skullomania is a Street Fighter character exclusive to themuch maligned3D EX series, a former salesman turned super hero. We love bizarre characters and seeing as neither of these two have to be serious we'd love to see some off the wall story about Roger and Skullomania teaming up to defeat Akuma or some such nonsense.

Fun Fact: Skullomania was actually designed and created by Akira, the company that co-developed The Street Fighter EX series with Capcom.

Jurivs. Alisa Boskonovitch

What do nerds love even more than robots? Hot girls that are robots. Alisa and Juri both fit the bill perfectly; Juri’s eye has been replaced with a power enhancing machine called the Feng Shui Engine, while Alisa is an bodyguard android built by Dr. Boskonovitch to resemble his daughter and, coincidentally, every cute anime girl ever conceived.

Despite her cute exterior, Alisa is all android, which may put Juri at a disadvantage as she's still mostly human. Still, Alisa is characterized as a female Pinnochio who desperately wants to be a real human, so she's always trying to be nice and get in touch with her emotions; not what you'd expect from a lethal android with built in explosives.

Fun Fact: According to the Street Fighter Wiki: “Juri's Japanese official bio once included "large breasts" in her "Likes" list. This was eventually censored/removed, though. “

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