10 Worst Pop Star Appearances in SF 9

Worst SF performance: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
Pop fame: US MC
SF fame: Def earns his place in this Top 10 because of a spectacular piece of miscasting. If Hitchhiker’s had never existed before, and the film had been an original script, we might have been happy to accept his slightly bland, “I’m too cool for this film” approach. But we did know, and love, Hitchhiker’s from 25 years of exposure. We knew who Ford should be. And Mos never at any point convinces you he could blend in with humans from Guildford, and seems ill at ease delivering the oh-so-British humour. It‘s a silly piece of stunt casting, and all the more curious when you consider his media persona would have far better suited a radical, hip hop makeover of Zaphod.

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