10 times Dishonored 2's Domino power was just the best

The Dishonored series - we can call it a series now, right? - is all about letting you run amok with otherworldly powers, using them as you see fit to create a sandbox of righteous vengeance. With the introduction of Emily's power set in Dishonored 2, players are finding all sorts of ways to wreak havoc in Karnaca. But one power, Domino, is shining brighter than the others.

Domino links the fates of two or more individuals to an original source. In other words, whatever happens to your initial target will happen to the people you link with the power. It's resulted in a lot of creative takedowns and some ironic justice being meted out, so we've gathered 10 of its best, most satisfying uses here for your enjoyment. Take a gander:

The first thing to know is that Domino doesn't always go off without a hitch.

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Tom Francis, developer of Gunpoint, has a series of "Domino Justice" gifs…

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...which gives guards who abuse power…

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...a taste of their own medicine…

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...and the medicine is bullets…

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...or falling off a building…

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...or swords to the throat.

Then there's this player, who tricks a guard into … suicide, I guess?

Of course, if you want to see master use of Domino, you go to the source. This is what it looks like when developer Arkane shows off.

Take a nap, boys.

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