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10 things you need to know about the FFXIII trailer

First, some background. Final Fantasy XIII takes place in a rather feral world called Pulse. Long ago, a massive mystical crystal in control of the planet instructed a race of super human beings called the fal’Cie to construct a floating city called Cocoon. Now, the citizens of this perfect haven live the good life - albeit under the strict control of Cocoon’s elite military force, PSICOM. Enter leading lady Lightning, who’s been chosen by the fal’Cie to destroy Cocoon – mysterious, no?

The latest FFXIII trailer showcases Lightning’s first actions in her city-destroying mission. Hotter still, we get introduced to some new faces and even a sneak peek at that all-important combat system. Watch the trailer below and then fill up your FFXIII knowledge with our list of the 10 things featured in the promo movie that every Final Fantasy fan should know.

1 Vanille's story (00.21secs)

2 What are those 'stripes' on Lightning's armour? (00.28secs)

The rather surly, but definitely kick-ass Lightning has been chosen by the fal’Cie to bring down the false haven of Cocoon. Strangely, she used to be a soldier in Cocoon’s army (you can see the military stripes on her shoulder armour), which could explain her incredible skill in whup-ass.

3 Lightning can manipulate gravity (00:36)

Lightning has a gravity inducing chip on her thumb – so when she clicks her fingers, she can pull off insane gravity-defying moves. Such as shooting a bunch of soldiers in the face while standing on the ceiling.

4 Snow leads the resistance (00.44)

That big burly blonde chap is called, er, Snow. But despite his rather delicate name, he’s the leader of a resistance group who oppose Cocoon’s militaristic state. The orange haired man, scantily clad lady and collapsed be-goggled guy behind him are members of his troupe, although they’ve yet to be named.

5 Cocoon's military (1.01)

After hijacking the train, Lightning, Vanille and Snow are assaulted by PSICOM fighter planes. Cocoon’s military machines have actually been created by the world’s creator crystal. A mix of standard combat vehicles and giant mechanical monsters, FFXIII has a strong steampunk setting. Meanwhile, their fully helmeted soldiers and meaty guns bring an air of Killzone 2 to the scene…