10 things you need to know about the FFXIII trailer

6 It'll be turn-based, but fast (1.37)

Although the combat system may look familiar to FF veterans, developers have stated that turn-based battles will be fast-paced action packed affairs, similar to the breathless aerodynamic scraps demonstrated in CGI movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

7 Characters will be able to 'chain' attacks (1.42)

Although you’ll be controlling one character at a time, you can line up and chain attacks (which are a mix of physical hits and magic spells). Take a look at the long, blue bar going across the left side of the screen. That’s your Command Points bar, which indicates how many attacks you can unleash in one go. The boxes above the bar denote which attacks you’ve lined up.

8 Enemy data on the HUD (1.53)

The bars on the bottom right of the screen indicate the enemy’s health points. Baddies also have their health displayed above their heads on the battle screen, so you can be doubly sure how much of a beating they need. Battles aren’t strictly turn-based, as enemies can attack you while you’re attacking them.

9 Lightning can perform acrobatic attacks (2.00)

The standard stock of Final Fantasy magic attacks have returned (Fire and Ice being shown off in the trailer). However, a new attack called Launch allows Lightning to, well, launch a baddy into the air and finish him off with several kicks to the face or a well placed sword swipe.

10 Who are the I'Cie? (2.37)

At the end of the trailer, Lightning desperately yells ‘The fal’Cie cursed us! We’re l’Cie now!’ as the train tracks explode around them. Incidentally, l’Cie are people chosen by the fal’Cie for a great purpose, and are given special powers to help them along their way. Something the ever defiant Lightning doesn’t seem too pleased about – probably because her chosen task is genocide.