10 minutes of Thief gameplay released

Sony has posted ten minutes of Thief gameplay footage online. Captured from the game’s E3 demo and running on PS4, the section of the game on show takes place a few hours in during a period of unrest in The City, which is ruled with an iron fist by a corrupt control freak called the Baron. His actions spark a revolution, providing protagonist Garrett with the opportunity to infiltrate the Baron's manor on the hunt for a precious gem called the Heart of the Lion.

The E3 gameplay demo is framed around a wider Thief feature which includes an interview with Eidos Montreal producer Stephane Roy, who’s keen to point out that players can approach objectives based on their preferred play style, be it stealthy or aggressive. Among the new features showcased is Focus, which can be used in multiple ways, like increasing Garrett’s aiming ability or to reveal hidden objects. Focus isn’t self regenerating, requiring players to locate certain items like a poppy to replenish it.

The reboot of the classic stealth series was announced for PS4 and PC in March 2013. An Xbox One version was confirmed in May shortly after Microsoft’s console was announced.