Zelda, Mario, Star Fox and many more showcased in Nintendo's 3DS trailer

Plus links to all the new screens for the big 3DS games

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So much 3DS news happened today that we%26rsquo;re only now catching up with it. Not only was the launch finally detailed(March 25 in the UK, March 27 in the US and will cost $249.99/whatever UK retailers want to charge), we got a crapload of new screens and footage for Nintendo%26rsquo;s upcoming 3DS games. Now you could search the site for them (and we wouldn%26rsquo;t mind you increasing our pageviews), but we%26rsquo;ll make things easier on you with this handy guide to all the new first party titles shown today. Let%26rsquo;s start with the Software lineup trailer Nintendo premiered during this morning%26rsquo;s press event:

After you%26rsquo;ve taken in that cornucopia of games, perhaps you%26rsquo;d like to have the 3DS hardware explained to you by a narrator. If so, check the video below.

And if you prefer your images static, Nintendo put out a ton of new screens for all its titles. And sorry for the dumb disclaimer in the bottom of every screen, that%26rsquo;s how Nintendo sent them to us.

Animal Crossing 3D

Above: See the resthere

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Above: See the resthere

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Above: See the resthere

Mario Kart 3D

Above: See the resthere

Nintendogs + Cats

Above: See the resthere

Paper Mario 3D

Above: See the resthere

PilotWings Resort

Above: See the resthere

Star Fox 64 3D

Above: See the resthere

Steel Diver

Above: See the resthere

And what Nintendo system would be complete without lifestyle shots showing you what models look like with the system?

Jan 19, 2011


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