Yeah but, no but, no thanks George...

Johnny Depp did it with The Fast Show and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have had so many they are rumoured to be using the pavement on Hollywood Boulevard as a checklist for their next series of Extras. We are of course talking Tinseltown guest stars and despite the best efforts of Mr Depp and the silver fox himself, George Clooney, they won’t be appearing in BBC laugh-up Little Britain.

“It could really unbalance the show,” explains LB co-creator Matt Lucas. “I mean, Lou and Andy would never meet George Clooney. There will be no cameos from the stratospherically famous. We try to save celebrity appearances for Comic Relief.”

The snub comes after Extras, a joint BBC and HBO production, signed up Tom Cruise for its second series. The sitcom centres on Gervais’ ‘background performer’ Andy Millman who likes to think of himself as a real actor and shamelessly attempts to sneak into scenes with high-wattage stars.

Despite Lucas and writing buddy David Walliams showing Hollywood the door, we decided to come up with some of our own Little Britain scenarios for George and Johnny to get tangled up in…

How about vulgar teen Vicky Pollard being examined in the ER by Dr Doug Ross and insisting he has wandering hands? Or maybe Johnny and George playing carbon copies of carer Lou and wheelchair enthusiast Andy? They meet in the park and  while Lou and George chat, Johnny and Andy have a full fist fight in the background.

Think you can do better? We’re sure you can (ours took two pints and a full 30 seconds, after all). So why not head over to the Forum and tell us your ideas…


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