Wii arrives, console wars begin

We'll be completely honest - we knew Wii was coming today. What we didn't know was that Nintendo would deliver the console with a fully-loaded ice cream truck complete with circus music and smiling servers. We were so shocked by the presentation we even failed to snap any pictures of the occasion. Oh, the pain.

Then we remembered what was in the big white box. After a rush up the stairs and a flurry of scissors and semi-sharp keys, our Wii was free to the world, along with copies of Twilight Princess and Excite Truck. Sorry, no Blu-ray or HD-DVD movies were included - notice how much no one cares.

Keep clicking "next" to see more and more images of Nintendo's newest console. If you click the images tab above, you'll get to see some high-resolution shots - just click "Supersize" to get the image splattered all over the screen.

Above: Tiny box, tiny console - that little white rectangle is the Wii