What if Deadpool directed other superheroes’ movies?

Deadpool is out on DVD and Blu-ray this week (well, in the US at least - UK audiences have to wait another month!), so obviously I’ve been remembering everything that made the world love Ryan Reynolds as a superhero again. All the... erm, it was... well, ok, it was mostly just his foul mouth. With the news that Deadpool’s long term frenemy Wolverine will be following in his R-rated footsteps, I’ve been thinking about what it would be like if every superhero movie got a dose of Deadpool. Hence; superhero GIFs with Deadpool quotes. 

Cap is a lot less polite. 

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent’s relationship gets even weirder. 

Rocket is… kinda the same, actually.

Batman is still super moody, just with swears. 

Spider-Man doesn’t make as good of a first impression. 

Iron Man vocalises his work-related stress more.

Peter Parker is more badass. 

Star-Lord loves chimichangas.

Wolverine is a lot cheekier.  

Hawkeye finally gets his own (r-rated) movie!

Professor X gets a lot less tolerant. 

Wonder Woman isn’t shy about sharing.

Black Widow does not like Cap’s new glasses. 

Superman wants out of his smelly cell. 


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