Watch 10 mins of Halo Wars

Aug 28, 2007

Here's your first, solid look at the Halo RTS we're gagging to get our hands on. Mainly to see if Ensemble's hyperbole about the game working so well on a pad turns out to be true...

The video (find it below) walks though a bit of the game's building features, a small battle and then a much bigger battle. You'll see all-new vehicles created for the RTS alongside old favourites like the Banshee, Ghost, and Warthog.

May we suggest you sit tight right until the end for a look at two massive weapons from both the UNSC and Covenant? We think you'll agree that Halo Wars is shaping up to be something pretty impressive.

There's still no official release date tagged to the title apart from the speculation that it could be early next year. Should that change, we'll let you know - it's officially on our Most Wanted list.


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