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Warhammer: Chaos Gate Cheats

  • Game Hack

    Edit the following files in a text editor to change the corresponding items. Always back up these files before proceeding!
    File name Controls this
    Accounting.dat Experience
    SpellDef.dat Psyker powers
    VehicDef.dat Vehicle statistics
    WeapDef.dat Weapon statistics
    UltNames. Ultramarine names
    ChaNames.dat Chaos names
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  • Game Bugs

    Both tested on version 1.2 of the game.
    1. You can reload weapon even when you have less than 15 AP if you use reload hotkey (9).
    2. There is a way to make a Devastator Squad with all marines equipped with heavy weapons. Basic thing is that 5th marine in Devastator Squad always gets Heavy Bolter equipped by default.
    First of all you need at least one dead marine (empty slot).
    Remove one marine from the Devastator Squad (to have four marines in a squad).
    Enter Configure Squad screen.
    Give heavy weapons to two marines and return to main hall.
    Enter the Select and Configure Squads screen and assign one marine to Devastator Squad.
    Enter Configure Squad screen. You will notice that 5th marine has a heavy bolter. You can change it for any other heavy weapon. Return to main hall.
    This way you will have 3 marines with heavy weapons. If you want full squad here is what next to do:
    Move one of the Devastator squad members having only bolter equipped.
    Enter Configure Squad screen and return to main menu.
    Re-enter Select and Configure Squads and assign a marine to Devastator Squad.
    Enter Configure Squad screen. Again you will notice that 5th marine has a heavy bolter.
    Just repeat these steps to get the last of the marines "heavy".
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