Virtual Console offerings - Monday 7/30

Welcoming another Monday, this week's Virtual Console releases have arrived once again. They're a little on the obscure side, having never appeared in Animal Crossing, and with little to no cosplay appeal. But that doesn't mean these oldies ain't goodies. In case you didn't know, 100 Wii points is equal to one genuine American greenback. Just don't tell Canada. Their conversion is a total grift.

Star Soldier - NES - 500 Wii points
A benchmark in side-scrolling space shooters. Take out anything in your path with upgradeable guns and lasers a plenty. This is the granddaddy of several other renowned intergalactic blasters, so if you include the game's enemies, you could call it the game that launched a thousand ships. 

Dynamite Headdy - Genesis - 800 Wii points
Yet another righteously bizarre submission from those wacky devs at Treasure. You'll fend off baddies with the power of your exploding noggin. Astute readers probably gathered that simply by reading the title.

Drop Off - TurboGrafix 16 - 600 Wii points
No, it's not a car pool simulator. It's an addictive little block puzzler that let's you cause massive structural damage, and vanquish the forces of evil. Now that's a two-fer!

Hell, you could buy all of 'em for under twenty clams, so there's no need to pawn your grandmother's broach. Yeah... we miss her too.

July 30, 2007


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