Virtua Fighter 5 shows off its moves

[PS3] Five new videos reveal arcade version in action

Five new videos of Virtua Fighter 5's arcade version hit today, and we've got 'em all for your viewing pleasure.

The new videos feature full, unedited matches between Kage the ninja, Aikido chick Aoi, drunken master Shun and Shaolin monk Lei-Fei - who, with the possible exception of Shun, aren't nearly as fun to watch as the new characters, Mexican wrestler El Blaze and monkey-style kung-fu artist Eileen.

Even so, these clips are the first unvarnished look at the game we've had since the E3 expo in May, and they're looking sharp. Maybe not quite the fantastic visuals we'd expect from a PS3-exclusive game, but sharp nonetheless.

To check them out for yourself, just hit the Movies tab at the top of the page.

July 18, 2006


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