Viewtiful Joe successor to be PS2 exclusive

After mad superhero Cube antics, Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi turns towards saving the world from aliens

Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the man behind superb Gamecube quirk-'em-up Viewtiful Joe, has revealed that his next game will be called Panic Maker and that it will be released exclusively on PS2.

Kobayashi - who, aside from Viewtiful Joe, has also worked on the Resident Evil series and Devil May Cry - is currently beavering away on the game in time for a summer release in Japan. Little is known about the title at present other than the fact that it purports to be an amusing action-adventure based around Earth being invaded by a clutch of aliens.

Viewtiful Joe was one of our favourite Cube games last year and , calling it "an entertaining splash of eye-exploding colour in a sea of bland videogames". So if Panic Maker can do for PS2 what Joe did for Gamecube, we should be in for a treat. We hope to have the first screenshots in the near future.