Video: PES 2008's new features

Oct 29, 2007

Another year, another Pro Evo. PES 2008 was released last Friday for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and, while it's also available on good old PS2, there's a handful of neat additions to the much loved footie series that you'll only see if you invest in the next-gen editions.

We've rounded up the four most obvious improvements for your viewing pleasure. And, while alone they won't exactly reinvent the game, together these new features open up brand new options for play, building on Pro Evolution Soccer's strength of fluid and ever-changing football. Point your eyes down for the movie...

#1 Shirt Pulling
When chasing an opponent in possession, holding down R1/RB and X/A (depending on which platform you're playing on) will have your player tugging at his shirt. Use this to destabilise your opposition, and make them fluff up on a shot or pass.

#2 Diving
It could be a force for evil, this, except that PES 2008's referees are hawk-eyed lawmen who are quick to book any player that goes down excessively easy. Though, as our video shows, sometimes it's possible to get away with even the most comedy dive. Tap L2, L1 and R1 or LT, LB and RB.

#3 Targeted cross
Hold L1 and R1 (or LB and RB) and your player looks up, shimmys along and steadies himself for you to play a more accurate long-ball into the box. It's been a feature long talked about by Konami, but we're happy to report it really does work very well in practice.

#4 Set piece edit
You can now go into some serious tactical detail within the Formation screen, and our favourite is the ability to send your keeper up to lend extra weight during corners. We've shown you how to do it in the video, too. Just make sure the opposition isn't given time to chip the ball into your empty net at the other end of the pitch.


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