Video game movies don't need to suck

With the Hitman movie upon us amid rumours of toning down, we look at how to get it right

Street Fighter II

The Potential

It should have been The Matrix before The Matrix was ever thought of, pure and simple. Street Fighter II brought properly to live-action life would give us the most staggering, vibrant, effects-laden super-human combat we’ve ever seen. Not only that, but every character has enough back-story and motivation to pack out a full-lengthaction movie, even if most remain part of the supporting cast.

What we got

Ye gods… A contrived plot about a UN task force, no mention of a fightingtournament, and an almost respect-worthy ability to horrifically miscast every character in the movie left Street Fighter: The Ultimate Battle an agonising and cheap-looking disaster which focussed on all the wrong things and didn’t even notice the right ones. More like your office colleagues having a Street Fighter II-themed Hallowe’en party than a genuine adaptation of the game.


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