Vampire Adam To Return To Being Human

But not, it would seem, as a permanent replacement for Mitchell

As soon as Mitchell bit the dust in the last episode of Being Human ’s third series, speculation was rife about whether the show would need a replacement vampire to fill his pointy-toed boots. A suggestion that kept coming up was that Adam, the eternally-teenaged vampire from the third series’ second episode, and the spin-off show Becoming Human , could fulfill the task. Well, it seemed the obvious choice…

And it seems Adam will be returning to the show, but not as a regular character. Craig Roberts, who plays Adam, has told SFX , “ I believe I am going back for an episode. They’ve not mentioned too much about Becoming Human . If that does get mentioned again I’m all for doing it because I thought it was a great thing. I’m really happy to do Being Human again because it’s a fantastic show, and if Becoming Human wants to go again, I’m game.”

It’d be great to have him back in whatever capacity – Adam was just such a good character.


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