UT2007's Surprise Sneak Peek

Epic Games shows off some new vehicles and a used universe

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Two of Unreal Tournament 2007's bigwigs took the stage at Midway's media event in late February to give the press a small but potent peek at the upcoming PS3 and PC shooter. Throughout the presentation, Mark Rein, vice president of developer Epic Games, stressed that they were showing %26ldquo;a lot of unfinished stuff, a lot of unpolished stuff." Honestly, you'd never know it.

While Rein did announce that the demo was running on a quad SLI rig (that's four blazing-fast NVidia GeForce 7800 GTX video cards running in unison), he was quick to point out that %26ldquo;you don't need all that to play UT." Of course, if you happen to have a few thousand dollars of PC hardware lying around when UT2007 is released, the game will put your PC through its paces. (PS3 owners won't have to worry.)

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