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  • rainn'sgaydar - September 23, 2013 12:27 p.m.

    Probably could have gotten two lists from this idea. Top 7 great things gen VII will be remembered for and Top 7 bad things gen VII will be remembered for. But you guys aren't wrong here and pretty well got it right. It might be remembered for the influx of not just digital content, which you guys hit, but full game downloads. But that seems more likely to be an early and important staple that we'll eventually remember next gen for.
  • C.King - September 23, 2013 1:33 p.m.

    out of curiosity, what falls in each category? i'd say the typical box art and arguably dlc ( because of capcom's practices or releasing unfinished products, unless due to budget constraints in which they can actually add content which they were not previously capable of doing later on) would fall on the "bad" side.
  • rainn'sgaydar - September 23, 2013 3:18 p.m.

    Some of them would be in both lists. DLC, for example, had its darkside (Capcom comes to mind) and its huge positives (Minerva's Den). To his credit, Ryan did mention pluses and minuses where applicable. But if I were to be making separate lists, which in retrospect would be diluting the product, I would do it as follows. Positives (in no particular order): Parkour, persistent online multiplayer progression, achievements/trophies (I feel like Ryan missed a BIG one there), DLC, indies, reversible box art (not a massively popular plus, but hey, it's my list), and HD collections. Negatives (no particular order): tacked on multiplayer, achievements/trophies (sometimes the meta-game is not a positive), DLC, genero box art, HD collection, online passes, and motion controls. I'm probably still missing worthy entries on either list, but that's my rushed version. Now that I've done it, I think it would have been best to have the actual top 7 be a callback to the way Brett Elston used to do some top 7's. By which I mean having an entry and then a runner-up, effectively making it a top 14. Except instead of entry and runner-up, you could have a "why it was good" and "why it was bad" since my lists could pretty well be fused together in that fashion. All that being said, Ryan did a fine job with this article, and it's easy to second guess. That was not my intention, though I can see how it would be perceived that way. So, good job, Ryan!
  • C.King - September 23, 2013 3:53 p.m.

    motion controls bad? there some games that do a pretty cool job with it. are you referring to all motion controls or games that could easily translate actions to button presses/combo's or maybe where they kinda screw up the tuning(ex: no more heroes telling you to shake parallel to controller when it perpendicular for charging the wep)? i admit it a bit of a hassle when they try and mix in motion controls when it's dominantly button presses. overall I'm for it. alot of people seem to hate motion controls so that why i asking.
  • rainn'sgaydar - September 23, 2013 6:16 p.m.

    You're right, it can be done well. I was mostly referring to waggle. It's another that could go into both lists.
  • Sjoeki - September 23, 2013 12:12 p.m.

    One of the biggest new things from this gen for me had to be the inclusion/illusion of choice, on the previous generations (xbox, ps2) there were a few games that I can remember that gave you the feeling that you had a say in how the story would unfold. (Fable and Fahrenheit come to mind, but I could miss a few) This generation there were a lot of games that gave me the feeling that I had a say in the matter, and I know that my choices didn't really influence the outcome of two of favorites this gen. The Mass Effect trilogy and The Walking Dead. No matter your choices the endings might have been the same but the way that you got there could be pretty different. I was proud when I cured the genophage, I left lily behind in the middle of the road and never felt bad about it. One of my best experiences this gen has been the citadel DLC as a paragorn and meeting everyone again. I pulled the trigger when I felt that I couldn't let Kenny do it. So many choices and those were just two series. haven't even mentioned anything from Bethesda. Biggest improvement this gen if you ask me.
  • jedisamurai - September 23, 2013 1:47 p.m.

    The differences in the way things play out in the Mass Effect Trilogy between being good or evil, and saving/killing everyone in sight, doing/not doing every side mission are staggering. There's enough different scenes, missions, dialog between all the choice you can make to make at least four games. I feel sorry for anyone who plays a game series like that and then sells it after beating it ONCE.
  • Eightboll812 - September 23, 2013 12:06 p.m.

    Also closely related to DLC was the advent of "release it now and patch it later"
  • Talvari - September 23, 2013 12:05 p.m.

    Yup...DLC and milking certain game franchises by releasing a new one every year comes to mind : |
  • garnsr - September 23, 2013 12:01 p.m.

    I don't remember anyone giving a number to game generations until the last year or so, when the next gen started coming up.
  • ombranox - September 23, 2013 12:17 p.m.

    I remember those being around since at least 2006. It was easy to not notice until about a year ago, though.
  • Vonter - September 23, 2013 11:55 a.m.

    Also this gen was the fall of many japanese developers and franchises. The most cinematic advancements in games. Sequel galore. Gaming going mainstream (more so than other generations). As a side note: When HD became more noticeable this gen I thought survival horror will go to the next level. Looking back it's kind of dissappointing not seeing many games that wanted to create fearsome, unsettling environments (kind of ironic seeing how pos apocalyptic games became a staple of this generation).
  • JarkayColt - September 23, 2013 11:29 a.m.

    I was sorting through my Wii games earlier, flipped over Prime 3 and saw a part of the blurb that says something about the "incomparable Wii Remote and Nuchuck" providing the definitive FPS experience. Cue smirking and mental images of the Move. I really didn't expect Sony and MS to jump on the motion-enabled bandwagon. Also I would have added the deluge of necessary updates and patches to this list. Sure, PC had those first, but for console gamers new to the concept, it did seem to really get out of hand. Also it will only get more prevalent in this coming gen, or at least, I would expect as much.
  • BladedFalcon - September 23, 2013 11:08 a.m.

    You forgot the annoying habit of tack on Multiplayer modes to everything. Also online passes.
  • C.King - September 23, 2013 1:36 p.m.

    the online passes sounds like serious bs! but multiplayer doesn't seem to hurt though it is a source of frustration. it's a good thing to share a gaming experience without switching out players.

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