Too Human: From the developer's mouth

Dec 4, 2007

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Denis Dyack, founder of Silicon Knights, and got some choice tidbits about his game that’s been a looooong time coming.

Too Human has been on the cards forever… but what is it, exactly?

Dyack: It’s a fusion between action and RPG. We’ve not seen any other games quite like it to date in the industry, and it is why the game is hard to describe. Just imagine a game with deep skill trees, class systems, loot drops within action-orientated combat mechanics. We’re very excited about its potential.

How does the Too Human of today differ from the one proposed for the PSOne years ago?

Dyack: When we work on a game, we always work closely together with our partner, so with the most recent collaboration with Microsoft, Too Human became very focused on the online space with Live. Online co-op has been a huge focus for the game, which it wasn’t in the beginning. Silicon Knights always applies what we have learned from our previous games, so there are influences and lessons learned from Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid and even Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain fused into Too Human. We think it is extremely original, but still has the Silicon Knights signature written all over it.


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