Too Human - first look

We’ve just had our first taste of Silicon Knights' Too Human, a third-person action role-player with so much cinematic flair that it may be eligible for an Oscar. The plot is movie-like as well, starring a cybernetic god borne from Norse mythology, tasked with saving humanity from an increasingly hostile mechanical and computer-infested world. Ironically, you’ll need to bolt on cybernetic enhancements to your body that drives your human nature ever deeper. These heavy-duty augmentations propel role-playing elements of Too Human forward while examining tough questions of what actually defines our human soul.

Too Human stars Baldur, the Norse god of light and beauty - and rightly so, since his world looks nothing short of beautiful. Casting that epitaph aside, however, Baldur makes use of his god-like strength and martial skill to take on the tide of machines that threaten the human race.

The first thing that we noticed while decapitating uglies with Baldur’s sword was that it seemed like there was a separate cameraman at work, playing alongside and controlling our views. There wasn’t, but the fast action broadsword and laser-vomiting battles never got out of hand no matter how many - or few - baddies came into view. The camera would sweep and zoom in on Baldur, following his ballet of evisceration. At other times, this invisible cameraman would simply add drama to otherwise dull moments, running alongside as he made his way across ramps and chasms. Furthermore, the camera followed us up the backs of enormous boss monsters. We hoisted ourselves up to take them out Shadow of the Colossus-style and rollicked along with Baldur as he surfed on their shoulders and planted his sword deep in their squishy soft spots.


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