Too Human - first look

We’ve just had our first taste of Silicon Knights' Too Human, a third-person action role-player with so much cinematic flair that it may be eligible for an Oscar. The plot is movie-like as well, starring a cybernetic god borne from Norse mythology, tasked with saving humanity from an increasingly hostile mechanical and computer-infested world. Ironically, you’ll need to bolt on cybernetic enhancements to your body that drives your human nature ever deeper. These heavy-duty augmentations propel role-playing elements of Too Human forward while examining tough questions of what actually defines our human soul.

Too Human stars Baldur, the Norse god of light and beauty - and rightly so, since his world looks nothing short of beautiful. Casting that epitaph aside, however, Baldur makes use of his god-like strength and martial skill to take on the tide of machines that threaten the human race.