Tomb Raider: Anniversary Strategy Guide

Raid the toughest tombs in Lara's latest adventure


Time to complete

12-15 hours %26ndash; but it really depends on how familiar you are with Lara%26rsquo;s tomb- leaping world and whether you get really stuck (which you shouldn%26rsquo;t if you use this guide to help you along!)

Most challenging level

Egypt%26rsquo;s door slamming, post jumping, razor wire traps will have you restarting again and again. And the end level%26rsquo;s timed lava jumping sections are enough to get you cursing Lara%26rsquo;s good name.

Stuck with no way out?

You%26rsquo;ll spend a large part of Tomb Raider shut in a room with no apparent way out. Always check the walls for ledges and grappling points. If you repeatedly try to make a jump and it doesn%26rsquo;t work, chances are there%26rsquo;s another way. There are quite a few red herrings in those tombs.

On to the guide!

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