Time Crisis 4 - first look

You know, it doesn't matter how visceral the gore is or how realistic the violence looks onscreen - a shooter doesn't feel real when you're holding a boomerang-shaped controller or tapping away at a PC keyboard. That's why arcade light gun games will always have a place in our hearts, and that's why Time Crisis 4 has our adrenaline blasting up through our guts and spilling out our noses. No, wait - that's ketchup. That doesn’t make sense...

At first glance, things onscreen look a lot like they always have: you play a member of the VSSE, basically a SWAT-style mega-cop, and trigger-finger your way through an on-rails shooting gallery of geared-up terrorists, exploding barrels, and the occasional swarm of insects. We're told the bugs have something to do with the plot, which centers around bad guys and biological weapons and keeping the two apart from one another. But in your hands lies the secret: you'll be controlling the game using the new, PS3 GunCon controller, the most realistic simulated firearm ever cast out of day-glo orange plastic.


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