The worst NES endings ever

The last time we looked upon the vast sea of NES endings, it was filled with glorious vistas and blazing sunsets. This outing, however, is the exact opposite. There will be no final moment in the sun, no triumphant stance over your fallen foe - this is a roundup of the biggest cop-outs in NES history. Most of these games are so damn hard that players would spend hours (if not days) trying to make it to the end, only to see the strangest, most worthless endings of the day. Totally not worth the effort, almost to the point of sickness.

We're not about to say these are the only terrible endings, merely the worst we can recall. And as before, nostalgia fortress VG Museum  helped us immensely.

The games: Ikari Warriors III, Werewolf: The Last Warrior and Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates

Ok. First of all, what rational mind conceived the idea of a shirtless, ripped-as-hell werewolf brandishing the American flag? It's more than a little disturbing, especially once you notice he's covered in thick hair everywhere but his fabulous chest and arms. After clawing through one of the toughest NES platformers, we were hoping for a lengthy Ninja Gaiden-style cinema scene. In its place is a two second finishing move, followed by this unnecessarily patriotic image. Why does he have the flag again? Did he just take over the country or is he championing werewolf rights?

Peter Pan is just... it's just so perfect. From this day forward it's the only way to declare yourself the victor of a forum flame war. Save it. Store it. Keep it ready for deployment anytime someone says Goku could take Superman.

As for Ikari Warriors, well, that's at least one guy who's getting a happy ending. The happiest, by all rights.