The women of Hyboria

Oct 22, 2007

According to Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures’ community team, “Hyboria will be FILLED with women of all kinds, from the “to be expected” female prostitutes to the extremely able female fighters.” They go on to reveal that in contrast to the more sexist setting of Robert E. Howard’s world, “any female player in Hyboria should be just as strong and able as any man!”

Above: This helmet is strong enough for a man, but it’s pH balanced for a “Female” Barbarian

Expect 2,500 “female-only” animations, and armor that’s more than “re-skinned male armor.” Since gender hasn’t made a significant difference in terms of stats or power in past MMOs, it seems a little odd that the team is going out of their way to emphasize Age of Conan’s girl power. But maybe that’s because they know that we’re going to play as one when the game launches in March of next year. Who would want to stare at a “Male” Barbarian’s hairy ass when they could be looking at a “Female” Barbarian’s butt instead?

Click on to see the “Female” Herald, the “Female” Guardian, the “Female” Bear Shaman, and a “Female” that’s showing so much femininity we had to censor her.


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