The Top 7... inanimate objects

This was actually the inspiration behind the whole article. We love this friggin' car and don't even know why. No weapons, no collectible bits, nothing at all. It just sits there, precariously parked near the ocean, just waiting for someone to mess with it. Coincidentally, there's a street fighting competition just one country over, and they're not above making a special trip to the docks just to pound this car into the pavement with their bare fists.

That's it. That's all the car does - sit there until you smash it into pieces. But we love it just the same, and it's one of the most well-known arbitrary bonus stages in gaming history. Apparently Capcom didn't share the love, as it was pulled from subsequent Street Fighter games. You never realize how much you love something until it's gone...

Mad gear: Final Fight's always shared a vague connection with Street Fighter, apparently even where bonus stages are concerned. The SFII car owes its "popularity" to this unlucky piece of machinery from JAPAN.

The Street Fighter car was all alone, perhaps abandoned. This car is at a gas station, implying the owner is just a few feet away paying for said gas. In the one minute it takes to walk inside and pay, Haggar moseys up and utterly demolishes the car like a crazed gorilla. The owner is so taken aback that he falls to his knees and cries right in front of the shirtless assailant. Haggar, you've not only broken his car... you've broken his heart.