The most bizarre PES goal ever

Friday 13 April 2007
Sometimes videogames do things that are utterly beyond words, that leave you speechless. So it was that, during one of our regular lunch break PES matches, we were left staggered by what we reckon is the oddest - and most severely unjust - goal scoring moment we've ever seen.

To set the scene, this moment of madness occurs at a corner kick, Chelsea versus the usually solid Inter Milan. What follows is as amusing and surprising as it was heart-rendingly frustrating.

Of course, if you think you've seen a stranger, more wacky onion-bag piercing than this - and hopefully have it saved on memory card - we want to see it. So stick it on the web and point us to it. If we get enough crazy happenings we'll feature them on the site. Before that, though, point your eyes at our own video first:



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